Hi There.

I have a htm page that takes in an entry from the user in an input box.

On the onLoad event i go and check whether the user has a value in for their username and password, passed into from a seperate application.

If they have a valid username and password I set the focus to be the CCI.Input box where the user enters in the CCI number of the printer they want to print to.

On some machines the on load event is not firing. I have found this by using the alert function in the onLoad function on my machine it pops up, on other machines it pops up but in a small handfull it does not pop up.

If i F5 the page it triggers the onLoad event and the CCI input box gets the focus. I am just a bit perplexed as to why on some machines it will not fire.

There is an error popping up saying permission denied and when it is refreshed it gets rid of this.

I am running IE6 on my machine, the machine that it is not working is an IE6 machine.

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.