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Thread: Multiple action of button submit (bypass popup blockers)

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    Multiple action of button submit (bypass popup blockers)

    I donít know much about the functionality on what causes some popupís to trigger a browsers blocker and some not to.

    I have an account information page (where users can edit their account details) one of the fields the user can edit comes at a cost. For billing I am using a 3rd party billing portal (standard form action pointing to the service & value is passed via post variable)

    - user hits submit (not on the 3rd party billing form, my fake ajax button)
    - a service is selected that cost $1 (lets say)
    - verificationÖ DB is updated (no page reload)
    - value field is updated in the 3rd party billing form to reflect the additional service
    - I then initiate the form submit on the 3rd party billing form into a popup window
    - I do not want to user to leave the site, I want the $1 billing window to pop up, they take care of it then close the window returning back to the site.

    In order to get the form to popup in a window I set the forms target to the popup window:
    window.open("", Ďpaysysí, "width=760,height=550");
    functionality everything is working perfect, except most browsers catch the popped up window in their popup blockers.

    Anyone know how I can create a popup that isnít flagged by the browsers?

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    Popup Problem

    Sure - use a modal window - TinyBox, ShadowBox or jQuery window function.

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