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Thread: javascript and iframes

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    javascript and iframes

    Please see http://www.livingthreadstextileartis...sts-test2.html and try clicking on Jean Allton or Pam Curtis. The birdcage should change to a different image but doesnt. Unstead I get an error message saying:

    The requested URL /devhttp://www.livingthreadstextileartists.com/dev/images/artists-images/jeanallton.jpg was not found on this server.

    However, the image is on the server. For some reason that I do not understand, /dev has been added to the start of the URL which is why it can't be found. Can anyone tell me why the javascript is generating an incorrect URL and suggest a fix?

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    Please take a look at the URL because obviously the /dev is appended to the target URL.

    Here is the script causing the issue:
    <script language="javascript">
    function updateImage (imageLocation)
    //alert (location);
    var url = 'http://www.livingthreadstextileartists.com/dev' + imageLocation;
    document.getElementById("frameID").src = url;

    You should remove the "dev" in the var url.... statement.

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    Thank you. I tried removing the dev, and that didn't work. But when tried this code, it did:

    var url = '' + imageLocation;

    ie - take out the URL completely

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