i have 3 buttons... (eg. stomach, brain and heart). and also 3 images (stomach.gif, brain.gif and hear.gif) when i click stomach i want to display the image of stomach and hide the rest. ALSO there is another button (view inside) and images associated with this button
if stomach is selected, clicking the 'view inside' should display inside of the stomach (together with the stomach image).....if brain is selected, clicking 'view inside' should display inside image of the brain....and so on...ALSO
when some1 click 'view inside' button i want to change its text to 'Hide image' AND when clicked it should hide the accompanied image AND change text back to 'view inside' and vise vasa..Hope you got the question....Can any pls tel how to write some javascrip code to this...(this post is very similar to may previous post)...thanks in advance