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Thread: Sidebar... thing.

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    Sidebar... thing.

    I've looked at countless articles regarding fixed/stretching sidebars, but none that answers my question, and I've tried even more ways that I can think of, but none give me exactly what I'm looking for.

    I want a left sidebar (fixed-width, %s, ems, units don't matter here) that stretches out the whole way to the bottom of the page (where, incidentally, there's going to be a footer).
    Ideally, part of the sidebar (namely, the links) would have a position:fixed, but if it's not possible, then without it.

    Basically: sscccccc.

    What I get into problems doing is getting the content, when under, say, 400px, to go below the sidebar. I've tried everything: images, background images, paddings, negative margins, and nothing seems to make it work just right.

    Something tells me this is possible with CSS, so please tell me if I should give up...
    (Black is just to distinguish from the two situations)

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    I would edit but not sure how...

    Actually, that is a lot. No, it all would boil down to:

    I have an element with fixed width. When viewport is wider than it, I want everything else to be right of the element. When not, below it. But the more I try, the less I can find anything.

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