i wonder if anyone has any experience with using these scripts for user input and file upload? i'm having a hellacious time trying to figure out where i'm going wrong.

basically, i've got the text editor set up fine with no problems (that i'm aware of), but the file browser is just dead in the water. i have been trying different things for a few days now based on what i could find online and just trying different things here and there, but i keep getting a blank screen or a 500 error... and now i'm getting a blank screen in firefox and a 500 in ie.

here is my code following the tinymce initialization:

function filebrowser(field_name, url, type, win) {
fileBrowserURL = "/scripts/tinymce/pdw_file_browser/index.php?editor=tinymce&filter=" + type;
	title: "Select Image",
	url: fileBrowserURL,
	width: 950,
	height: 650,
	inline: 0,
	maximizable: 1,
	close_previous: 0
	window : win,
	input : field_name
i'm not very proficient with javascript, so please excuse me if i'm asking stupid questions.