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Thread: Iterate through input tags and get the ones needed

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    Question Iterate through input tags and get the ones needed

    Hello, I have a problem in Javascript that I really cant figure out, I've tried for days! here it goes:

    I need to iterate through a form and get all the elements that has a class like
    "required" and then, save this elements id, because I have label elements that has a for="" tag with the same as the id for the input/dropdown in the form. To all these labels I need to apply a "*" in the end of the label. And all this in an onload function.

    I have tried everything I can come up with but now I'm close to giving up so now I need help, how can I get these values and do this?

    Very thankful for help!

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    Is this a homework question and what do you have so far?

    The content of a label's for attribute is stored in labelReference.htmlFor

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