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Thread: What should I learn?

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    What should I learn?


    My question is the same old question, maybe with a twist.

    I know html, css, javascript, php and I have created a few sites.
    From the complexity of some sites on the web I guess I should also learn CMS.
    What should I learn? I won't name names so I don't influence anyone.


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    I say the main ones are Wordpress, Joomla and drupal depends on the audience and you. Everyone has there own preference, too me Wordpress is more like a normal website were joomla you have modules for sections like header, advert so on... try them all simple CMS is good as well if you want a very basic simple one. Most can produce simple to complex websites.
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    As much as a proponent I usually am of building your own systems so you can learn how to program.....learn WordPress.
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    Yes, Wiordpress seems to be easier to learn than Joomla or drupal. I'm new to cms too, now I'm learning Drupal, because my friends think it's very perspective. I think they are right So my suggestion - learn Drupal!

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    If you have no CMS experience, I would start with Wordpress because the learning curve is pretty flat imo. Once you get the hang of it and know the fundamentals of how CMSs work, I would move on to Joomla or Drupal. It wouldn't hurt to try you're hand at an e-commerce platform like Magento either.

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    Perch CMS is the only one that looks decent to me.

    I've never tried any of them. I do my best to build my own.

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