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Thread: How to make websites like Facebook, Orkut....??

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    resolved How to make websites like Facebook, Orkut....??

    Hey guys, basically i am very new in PHP and Mysql....I had made a simple site for the technical event of my college....

    You can visit it and tell me how did you like it... www.techno-crat.co.in

    But that is very static site. Now i want to make a social networking site for my college..

    Can anyone help me in this project or can anyone tell me how can i make a website like facebook, orkut, etc...

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    Well, you can do what FaceBook does and hire a whole bunch of highly skilled programmers. Or you could look around for a 3rd-party package that does what you need, maybe tweaking it a bit for your specific needs. Or, you could spend months (years?) creating it from scratch all by yourself.
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    Hey nod dog, i can hire guys to build it for but it will be of no use until i know whats happening in the website....

    So can you help in this project of mine....

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    Pretty broad question. The broad answer is they used php and mysql.

    If you a more detailed answer, you'll need ask a more detailed question.
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    DO you still want to make social website like facebook ?

    For that you have to create one concept which is so unique and attractive.. I am studying the social media psycology and I alos want to creat such site. If you want then we can work as partner. My mail ID is axay_rbl@yahoo.com

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