Hello Everybody!

I work for a company which is working on a new version of our website. The website automatically creates a content portal when a user from a new school joins. Content (photos, videos, documents, discussions, bulletins, events) from users in that school is then streamed into the portal. Those users are then broken into multiple classes such as non-profit organizations, students, classes, etc...

The site is designed in two components:

1) Front-End (Theme files and module files, such as "upcoming events")
2) Platform (API calls, executables, database queries, etc...)

We want to create an open source version with the goal of being able to control who can download the source code to enforce it is not used for financial gain without paying a license fee. At the same time we would also like developers WHO ARE ALLOWED to download the source code to be able to commit changes (maybe through SVN?) such as new features or patches which we can include in the official release.

Our goal is to keep it as simple and streamlined as possible. Our team, as most developers are, love Open Source and want to keep the movement going, but still be able to keep our jobs! Obviously a white label social networking platform is a lucrative financial opportunity so we're presented with a predicament.

Any input is greatly appreciated!