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Thread: How To Fix Html from Word and/or .mht?

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    How To Fix Html from Word and/or .mht?

    Can I ask this simple question? How to get some text on a page where you want it with the font and size that you want.. like Times Roman 12 point and a single block of text right underneath an image representing a title?

    Yes, I do it all the time. For myself. Creating as I go. I use Composer. Drop the image, make a table, write into the table. This kind of methodology suits me and I'm able to bash onwards and get involved in other aspects.

    BUT, because I'm such a smartie a computer illiterate friend asked me how to make a web page. I told him the easiest way was save his Word doc as html.

    That got rid of him. for a couple of days. Now he's sent me a 'newsletter' he's prepared, in Word I guess, and put out in .mht format and he remarks that it hasn't gone quite right - can I help.

    Well it is very simple. One image heading. One block of text. Another image heading. Another block of text.

    But, yes, it has all gone wrong. It won't show right in a browser. Not in Opera, or firefox or Chrome. The text obscures the images in part etc..

    Bring it into Composer and there's faint rectangles all over the thing a bit like the faint 'table' outlines but these aren't tables.

    I managed to clean up the top half but the bottom half had the text changed into a thin strip running down the page for a couple of miles.

    I copied this and put it through Word and then went to put it back in and found I'd lost the font and size.

    Tried to put it into a text box and it went bold and big.

    Tried to put it into a table and I can't get it to fill the cell - there's miles of space above the text and below. And I can't get the font/size. I can select the text and select times roman but I can't select 12 point.

    Such a baby simple thing.

    Only difference between what is happening now and what I usually do is that this text is being copied into the page.

    And the whole thing just demonstrates how rudimentary my html knowledge is. To my great surprise. And shame.

    And knowledge of Composer, too, come to that. One image I can put where I like because it is 'location:absolute' but the other image I can' because it is relative and I can't find how to change it: bar editing the code in Composer and I try not to do that.

    So, please, kind Sirs, what is the way in which one slaps an image on a web page and then slaps some text in a nice neat box - or wide column - beneath it in the font and size one chooses?

    And how to make that simple change in Composer: from relative to absolute?

    Perhaps I'm using the wrong tool in Composer? I used to use that Microsoft thing: Frontpage? But it has/had all that proprietary stuff so I dumped it.

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    HTML isn't rocket science but then it's not all that simple either. The first thing that you are going to have to do is learn HTML. There is an easy part to that, learning the available tags, and a hard part. You may not be able to get over the hard part. You must stop thinking about the page visually. That text isn't big and red, it's a level 2 heading. Separately, using CSS, you'll make all the level 2 headings big and red if that suits your fancy. Read, mark, learn and inwardly digest http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/ .

    But first you want to clean up the mess that you already have. Fortunately, Dave Raggett, the guy who wrote the HTML 3.2 specification, has given us HTML Tidy, http://tidy.sourceforge.net/ . HTML Tidy will correct for a multitude of sins and it has a special "correct Microsoft Word" feature.
    “The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”
    —Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web

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    Well thanks for that, Charles. What's the 'Javascript banned' thing about?

    I used too many words. What I want to know is how to switch on location:absolute in Composer and how to switch on limitless (as against their icon'ed few choices) font sizes for areas of text.

    I guess it was really a question about Composer. My mistake.

    Thanks for the clue about 'Tidy', in fact I have it and use it - have used it, here on this problem, not something I've ever run across before. Good little number, I like it.

    Html I see as as a severely overstretched thing. We had a markup language twenty years ago when I was programming on a Vax. I can't remember any more about it than that, really, it was written in the margins and it formatted the text.

    That's what html was meant to do.

    Since then it has been stretched and stretched and stretched. Typically to write a web page today you'll use css, html, javascript and php, say. A right mess.

    All so that things can be findable and viewable from our browsers.

    And though it has been stretched to where it does all these things it does them with difficulty and with limitations and awkwardnesses, incompatibilities. Basically it is a crock.

    After all these years and all this stretching you still can't easily construct a simple webpage with images and text splashed wherever you want them on the page - and take it and edit it, move things around, save it again, publish it.

    After all these years it hasn't got easier - it has got harder.

    That's a giveaway.

    Funny, too. It is symptomatic of so much in the computer software world. Take something wonderful like a word processor. Lovely application. Simple premise - take a byte stream and process it.

    Start with something clunky.
    Then get something good.
    Then get something good with addons.
    Then get something good with addons plus extras.
    Then get something good with addons plus extras plus options.
    Then get something good with addons plus extras plus options plus connections.........

    Until we finish up with a word processor that people can't write a simple note in without it causes frustration to the point of madness with its automatic checking and finishing and whatnot.....

    This is human nature, eh? And the way of the capitalist world. When you're on a good thing, stick to it. Find a gravy train. If you can't think use someone else's thinking.

    So there's hundreds, maybe thousands of people with a vested interest in developing that word processor and selling it, selling it, selling it through endless incarnations.... riders on the gravy train while the poor suffering software underneath loses all its value and identity.....

    Yup. Just bored. Waiting for the minute hand to get around to 35 and I've got to take the kids to school........

    Sorry for all the words.......

    and thanks again........

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