Hi, I've investigated contacting the author, but it doesn't look like I'll get a swift response. The script I'm using is hosted here

The script is designed to create a fullscreen, scaling background that can be used as a carousel gallery for images, with a caption that floats next to the mouse pointer that either reads 'next' or 'previous'.

It works fine but I am attempting to alter the script to do a few things:

1.Make the image take up a proportionate amount of window space - 85% (done)
2.Get rid of the text which appears on rollover(done)
3.Assign an image flip for the proportionally scaled image (this is the one I'm having problems with)

I'm trying not to include too much information but it's hard to know where the problem is.

I'm fairly sure this is used to set the scaler up on the page:

	var bg=document.getElementById('bg'),float=document.createElement('span'),scale=Scaler(bg);						//Create and bind scaler-function
		addEvent=function(el,on,fn){el.attachEvent?el.attachEvent('on'+on,fn):el.addEventListener(on,fn,false)},	//Function for cross-borwser addEvent
			if(float.nxt!=(e.clientX>(document.body.offsetWidth/2)))float.innerHTML=(float.nxt=!float.nxt)?'':'';	//Change html only if needed
			var key=(e=e||window.event).type=='MouseOver'?(e.clientX>(document.body.clientWidth/2)?40:37):e.keyCode;
				var data=scale(key>38?'+1':'-1'),l=data.els.length;
				for(var i=0;i<l;i++)data.els[i].style.height=i==data.to?'85%':'0px';
I've then used a simple imageflip function and implemented it here

	addEvent(bg,'mouseout',function('BNB_mouseon()'){float.style.display='none'});													//Hide floater when not over image
Where 'bg' stands for the background image div.

I've been scratching my head about this for quite a while now, so any advice is appreciated!