I am thomas. This is my first post!

I have a question. I am trying to make a dynamic form. I have seen this addressed in a few other threads, but it is first of all not exactly like my problem and also, the language of the explanations is not simple enough for me to understand.

I am trying to make a form that has 1 box that asks how many designs a customer wishes to order, then based upon that number, reveals that many pairs of text boxes below; one should be with the label, «name of design», while the other should be with the label «quantity of design». That way, if a user enters 4, four pairs of these boxes will appear, asking him specific names and quantities

If I set up a variable quantity to the value of the text box, I think I should be able to loop like,

for x=1; x<=qty.value; x++

but then I am confused about how to make the thing render the text boxes. My primitive knowledge tells me I could do something like document.write. But on another thread I read I saw that I could also use

setAttribute('type', 'text');

Something like that seems a bit more sophisticated (or at least like it would work at all), but I am so confused about how to put it all together.

I am very grateful if someone can take the time to shed some light on a solution to this problem.

Thank you so much in advance,