My new facebook app ( tells users about their social friends, its like a mini web page counter 'Google Analytic' but for the friends of your Facebook social network.

When I first started, its growth was very slow, but somehow it reached a tipping point, mentioned in some magazines, and have grown to over 190K users in half year.

I believe many users found it useful (got 9000+ likes). However the only way I can use the traffic is by selling some banner space and text links, and the ad dollor from it is very small. The banner network is paying by CPM and usually the CPM is less than $1, and my hosting cost is growing fast because of the high usage of the app.

This is a new ground for me as I was mainly focus on developing more 'traditional' website projects.

Would appreciate any suggestion about how to better use the traffic, where to look for partners, and how do you think I can increase the app's usefulness.