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Thread: Social networks for children… thoughts?

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    Social networks for children… thoughts?

    I'm interested to see what views/ advice there is on creating a social network for children. Ning would be ideal - but not meant for below age 16.

    Basically, I'd like to set up a network to go with a website for a children's author (books' age range 8+).

    There's no great budget here - she's not a major author and her publisher will only promote front-list authors, so she's having to do her own marketing.

    Her book is about dance, and she wants to interact with children who love dance. She's a teacher, very good with children and I did think a social network might be a good idea.

    However, I'm cautious of a social network for kids. Ning would be good - but legally it's 16+ I've heard of Edmodo for classrooms - could it be used for this sort of things does anyone reckon?

    Thanks for any thoughts x

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    you could use drupal to setup a small social network (maybe even moodle). although there is a reason why there are age limitations on most social networks. children aren't as savvy on the internet and can share to much with strangers. also your network might become a breading ground for child predators.

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