I'm a newbie in web aplications development and I've been studing in the W3Schools tutorials ( and other places in web ).

I'm using HTML with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL in a Xampp Lite environment.

I want to record in a MySQL table the date and time the visitor entered and left tha page.

I have the two informations stored in string javascript variables.

But although I've found the AJAX, I just can't make it works.

I don't need a form or input HTML tag.

When the visitor call the page, I get the date and time. And when he leave the page ( onunload event ) I get the other date and time and, at this moment I want to pass this JavaScript variable to the PHP script.

Both codes are ok and have been tested separated. The rows are inserted in the MySQL table correctly when I initialize them inside the PHP code.

And in browser-side, with JavaScript, I can see that they ( the variables ) are Ok by displaying it.

Thank everybody!!

ClŠudio Baptista / Rio de Janeiro / Brasil.