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Thread: iframe issue loading page with javascript alerts

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    iframe issue loading page with javascript alerts

    Hi i am loading a page into an iframe...
    <iframe src="http://www.cult.co.uk/men/shop/hoods-and-sweats/details/25705/75-wings-foil-hood" width="500" height="500" id="iframeTest"/>
    the page from cult.co.uk has javascript alert() messages embedded in the code, which are triggered when the page loads via the iframe.

    is there a way of suppressing the alert() messages?

    I know i can suppress alerts on my local site by adding the following function:

    function alert(){};

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    By short: you can't. That page belongs to another domain, thus you can not have JavaScript access to it. Cross-domain JavaScript relationship are restricted by default, due to obvious security reasons.

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