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Thread: Simple Text from textarea to Text List

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    Simple Text from textarea to Text List

    I want to have one textarea with a submit button on a SUBMIT page, such that when some one enters text in this area and hits the submit button, this same text is displayed elsewhere on the HOME page.

    The end result should be that when this page is online, person A can enter his text in the textarea and submit to display it. When one hour later person B is on the page, the content as submitted by person A should still be visible to person B.

    The HOME page would list each text coming from SUBMIT page in a list that would eventually (after 20 or so) begin a new page with the most current TEXT at the top of the list.

    I kinda understand most of it but am having problems especially in getting the list to work.

    If anyone could simply list the steps I might could fill in the blanks from there. Thank you very much!

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    POST your form to save into a database (remember to steralise the content) with the date/time. Look up information on "mysql_query INSERT"

    Your homepage can simply query the database for all entries, sorting them by date/time and looping through them to display on the page. Have it do this 20 times before it provides a link to "older posts" or similar. Look up information on "mysql_query SELECT" and on PHP while loops.

    Let us know your progress and we can aid in the process

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