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Thread: Using javascript to alter CSS, using time as a parameter...!

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    Using javascript to alter CSS, using time as a parameter...!


    I wonder if some kind soul would be able to help me - I'm trying to create a web page that is of a fixed height, but of a width that keeps increasing by a set amount (say 8 px) day after day. I presume this is possible using javascript... and if anyone could offer me any help on this I would be extremely grateful!

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    It depends on when the reference time is, and whether or not it matters if you use server time (i.e. time you can rely on) or the user's time, which could be in any timezone.

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    I will use server time - it is going to be an ongoing, constant thing - identical regardless of the user. As for the reference time, does it matter? Can I choose an arbitrary time, and use this as my reference point?

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