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Thread: list item background

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    list item background

    please look at this link http://www.sudhakargolakaram.co.in/files/list.html

    what i need is i would like the left and right corners of the image to be as background image for each list items current page

    i have used top left as background image for the list item and for the anchor i have used the same background image and positioned top right

    but i am not getting the complete top left curve till the top right curve for the current list item

    also for the hover on the links i am not getting the complete image from top left curve to top right curve

    please advice

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    Just give padding-left: 8px; for li tag.

    Hope it will solve your problem..!

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    thanks that worked

    how do i get the blue image top right curve when i hover over the links like the black image

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    Please make sure that you have given background image for li:hover. Because I can't check the background images for hover of the tags.

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