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Thread: Centering parent div causes child div swf to be offset.

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    Centering parent div causes child div swf to be offset.

    I have a Mac and a PC.

    Of the two, only my Mac presents this problem.

    Of the Mac browsers I have (numerous), only Firefox presents this problem.

    What I'm doing ...

    I'm embedding JWPlayer using SWFObject like so:

    swfobject.embedSWF("rnd/media/player.swf", "audioC", "413", "24", "9.0.0", "expressInstall.swf", {volume:"0", backcolor:"#2c2002", frontcolor:"#ccc283", lightcolor:"#e46a3c", screencolor:"#4c4426"}, {bgcolor:"#2c2002", menu:"false", allowscriptaccess:"samedomain"}, {id:"audioC", name:"audioC"});
    When my primary parent div has no CSS code designating it's margins, all is well.

    When I set it to "margin: auto;" (to center the div on the page) an extra pixel of space appears to the left of my embedded swf file.

    I opted to leave this issue alone for months but now, it seems like it's the loudest problem on my page LOL.

    My url: http://www.RobinDean.com/ ... have a look.

    What's the solution?

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    Okay ... so this is an old bug.

    It's an old bug that I already researched in the past.


    Those college years really kill more brain cells than they flex!

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