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Thread: Element wont allow me to make height 100%

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    Element wont allow me to make height 100%

    Hey guys.

    I'm doing some work on a theme and I'm using horizontal accordion scrollers.

    You can see on my practice page that the three main sections (on the right) are all different sizes. The rightmost section has a big block of text but it is all cut off after 600px (which is what I have it set as).

    Since this will be for a blog there will be different sized pages with every click but I can't seem to find a way to have the elements default the height based on the amount of content.

    The accordion script uses MooTools and you can see everything I've done on my development page.


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    I only see one main section in the middle.

    if you want the element to self adjust based on the content, change it to hieght : auto ,not 100%

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