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Thread: [RESOLVED] What's wrong with this line of PHP?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] What's wrong with this line of PHP?

    PHP Code:
    $url str_replace(str_replace(' ','%20',stripslashes(trim($_POST['url'])))); 
    There was an error with my script. I debugged and the error lies in the line above. What's wrong with it?

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    I looks like you have one too many str_replace functions entered

    PHP Code:
    $url str_replace(' ','%20',stripslashes(trim($_POST['url']))); 
    But you might want this function instead;

    PHP Code:
    $url urlencode($_POST['url']; 
    Or are your wanting to decode then it should be

    PHP Code:
    $url urldecode($_POST['url']; 
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    Sorry, careless mistakes

    I just want to provide some basic PHP injection prevention before using Regex to check it. $_POST['url'] is user submitted

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