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Thread: Browser System Specification Checker

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    Browser System Specification Checker

    Hi there- I need a robust Browser System Specification Checker written in Javascript. I'm hoping someone has one already that I can leverage. Thanks, help is appreciated! Here's a list of checks that it required:

    Operating System: type
    Screen Resolution: #
    Color-depth: #
    Browser: version
    Pop-up Blockers: enabled
    Cookies: enabled
    Flash Player: version
    Flash Security: type
    Java: version

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    No such thing as "robust" Browser System Specification Checker, because it can be fooled/misled very easily and there's nothing you can do about it, you can't even tell that it's being fooled.
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    Robust in terms of it does many things... I'm not too worried about spoofing as this tool will be used via internal clients in a controlled classroom setting. Any code would be appreciated. Thanks!

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