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Thread: Web design assistance for a sci-fi web series

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    Web design assistance for a sci-fi web series


    We have a proposal for you.
    We are creating a low budget sci-fi/mystery web series, and we need some assistance in designing of our website. In return, you could have an addition to your portfolio and a film credit in the final titles.

    The series is called OVERTURN.
    You can find information about the project here:


    The site address is www.overturnseries.com.
    It is build on the WordPress.

    We already have a web designer.
    But he needs some assistance with finding and implementation of a good forum plug-in, getting the internal pages setup, and making sure the Styling is appropriate on all pages, and some other small but important tasks.

    If you are interested and want to be a part of a creative team,
    let us know as soon as possible.

    Write to overturnseries@gmail.com

    Best regards,
    Team OVERTURN.

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    Would we get paid if we decided to help?

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    You'd really let me have an addition to my portfolio if I do free work for you on your website? Gee, you guys are too generous.
    I've switched careers...
    I'm NO LONGER a scientist,
    but now a web developer...

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