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Thread: window.onclick accepts only one parameter

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    window.onclick accepts only one parameter

    Hi. I'm trying to write a script that opens a formatted html window as instructed here:
    HTML Code:

    His code works right, but when I test it, it works only when I exlude the second and third parameters of window.open().

    Here's what I'm testing:

    <style type="text/css">
    .quasiLink {color:#0000FF; cursor:hand}
    <span class="quasiLink" onClick=javascript:window.open("delegateConnect.html", 
    I'm a Pastor or Church Delegate
    Am I overlooking something?

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    I suspect the lack of quotes around the onclick attribute are to blame.

    onclick='window.open( ... )'

    Also, the javascript: part is not needed. That's actually a protocol identifier in the case you want to embed JavaScript in the href attribute of the <a> tag. The value of the onclick attribute is assumed to be JavaScript, therefore you don't need to tell the browser to interpret it as JavaScript.

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