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Thread: Help with objects in Javascrit

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    Help with objects in Javascrit

     //Define the class
        class author{
        function author(a:String,b:String,c:int)
        this.name = a;
           this.lastname = b;
           this.age = c;
        //Declaring the variables
        var name:String;
        var lastname:String;
        var age:int;
        //I make a new object
        newBook = new author("J.R.","Tolkien",60); 
        //I make other new object
        newBook = new author("Agatha","Christie",42);

    in this code the variable "newBook" to save the whole object, returns to save only the last one that was created...

    Any help???

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    Javascript doesn't really have classes in the general meaning of the term.

    And there are various ways to create an object. Might I suggest the following for the example you cite:

    function createNewBookObj(firstName, lastName, Age){
    var x = {}; //create a generic object
    x,name = firstName; //add the property name to the object and set the value to the argument
    x.lastname= lastName; // repeat for the second property
    x.age = Age; // repeat for the third property
    return x; // return the entire created object

    So, to create an object holding the information listed in your code you would

    var myObj = createNewBookObj("J.R.", "Tolkien", "60");

    You can access the data within by referring to it as( for example):
    alert(myObj.age) which would give an alert box indicating 60

    I hope this helps.

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