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Thread: Setting an Overlay div to height:100%,

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    Setting an Overlay div to height:100%,

    HI All,
    I'm trying to create an overlay, a div that fills the entire browser window, ie., a height with the value of 100%. this is so if the user scrolls down it will still cover that area.

    via a tutorial, to accomplish this i set the body tag to this:

    html, body {height:100%}

    i set the overlay div's to this: height:100% and min-height:100%.

    it's not working, is it possible to accomplish this?
    setting the div's height to 100%?


    not to confuse things, but on my page ex: i'm using an overlay container. this is because there are other divs that i did not want to inherit a .5 opacity (another issue).

    big thanks for any help -

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    position: fixed;
    on the div.

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    fantastic, thanks

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