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    Login Form Centered


    I am in the proces of maiing a membership site. I have two images on each side of the site at the top. I want to put a login form in the middle for existing members.

    The design of the form is horizontal not like normal forms password underneath username.

    The code I am using is this for the centering

    label { position: absolute; text-align:center; width:320px; }
    input, textarea { margin-left: 320px; }
    label uibutton { position:relative; text-align:center; }

    and code for login is, (PLEASE NOTE THAT I AHVE NOT GOT DOMAIN YET)

    <form method="POST" action="___________"

    onsubmit="return Event.__inlineSubmit(this,event)"><input type="hidden" name="charset_test"

    value="&euro;,&acute;,,,水,Д,Є" /><input type="hidden" name="lsd" value="6H4tF" autocomplete="off"

    /><input type="hidden" id="locale" name="locale" value="en_GB" autocomplete="off" /><table

    cellspacing="0"><tr><td class="html7magic"><label for="email">Username</label></td><td

    class="html7magic"><label for="pass">Password</label></td></tr><tr><td><input type="text" class="inputtext"

    name="email" id="email" tabindex="1" /></td><td><input type="password" class="inputtext" name="pass"

    id="pass" tabindex="2" /></td><td><label class="uiButton uiButtonConfirm"><input value="Log in" tabindex="4"

    type="submit" /></label></td></tr><tr><td class="login_form_label_field"><input type="checkbox"

    class="inputcheckbox" value="1" id="persistent" name="persistent" checked="1" /><input type="hidden"

    name="default_persistent" value="1" /><label id="label_persistent" for="persistent">Keep me logged

    in</label></td><td class="login_form_label_field"><a href="www.testing.hostei.com" rel="nofollow">Forgotten

    your password?</a></td></tr></table><input type="hidden" name="charset_test" value="&euro;,&acute;,,,

    水,Д,Є" /><input type="hidden" id="lsd" name="lsd" value="6H4tF" autocomplete="off" /></form>


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    You should use CSS to style all the elements on the page and try and get rid of tables for layout, except for tabular data.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bathurst_guy View Post
    You should use CSS to style all the elements on the page and try and get rid of tables for layout, except for tabular data.
    Yes, exactly. Jimmy, use HTML tags for what they were meant for. I can't even read your markup. Ditch all the unnecessary table markup and show us what's left, and put it in code view for readability. Then we can help.

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