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Thread: After the initial idea?

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    After the initial idea?

    Say you have a general idea of what you want your website to be. What's next?

    Do you design the layout for the website? (where to put what)
    Do you design a layout for your database? (tables, field)
    Do you design the graphics for the website? (headers, buttons, images)
    Do you first decide what all you're going to do with your server-side? (all the different types of stuff you can do with your database)

    What are the steps you take to get you started without having to backtrack a lot?

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    I like working on the database first and getting all the business logic set, then the front-end design which includes graphics. Then I implement the front end using fake data (like lorem ipsum). Finally I create the back end code (usually in PHP) to tie the two together.

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