Hi I'm having trouble using variables that vary due to a loop..
I have a loop that creates checkboxes with the names checkbox_name where name is read from a database.(this part works successfully)

I want to later echo all names from my database plus the result of it's checkbox.
E.g. I have checkbox_lilfellabob and checkbox_bill - I want to echo lilfellabob and the result of checkbox_lilfellabob then echo bill and the result of checkbox_bill

I've tried using this in my loop:

$username = $row_3['username']; (this part sucessfully gets the username)
${"checkbox_$username"} = $checkbox_username;

so that I can use $checkbox_username in the loop which equals checkbox_namefromdatabase for that cycle. But I can't seem to request it, $_REQUEST['$checkbox_username'] doesn't give me that checkbox's result.

Sorry if this is hard to understand I'm not sure the best way to explain it..
I think this is the same problem in different works though http://bytes.com/topic/php/answers/5...-constant-name
only I can't understand how he solved it.

Any help appreciated,