I will admit upfront that I am a total CSS/HTML novice but I have enough knowledge to be dangerous. I have customized my ecommerce site to make it look and perform like I want it to but have run into an annoying problem when viewing in IE8....FireFox renders it just fine. You can view the site here:


The problem: When loading any of the three column pages (home page or any category pages) with IE8 the content columns jump up into the menu area about 20px. I have tried numerous things and scoured the net for answers to no avail. A clue maybe in that when I use the Developer tool in IE and de-select any attribute in the CSS view the columns return to their normal position? Another clue is that when I remove all of the content from Column 2 the columns do not jump. I thought at first it may be a conflict with float: and a margin/padding but if this is the case I can not find it.

There are errors when I run it through the validater but most if not all have to do with flash <embed> attribute in XHTML.

Any help will be greatly and humbly appreciated