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Thread: Launching .Exe from an ASP page

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    Launching .Exe from an ASP page

    Hello folks,

    I don't know how to launch an application on the client side with an ASP page !
    Example : I want to launch an Impromptu report from a link of an ASP page ...

    Do I need to create an Active X ?

    Sorry, I 'm not an expert !
    Thx for help

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    ASP (Active Server Page), as the name suggest, runs on the server side and display the out put on the browser. So on the browser what ever you are seeing is the processed output of the ASP.
    So thriugh ASP you can trigger the applications/programs only on the server not on the client m/c. Triggering the applications on the client side may be possible by using Javascript. First figure out the possibility.
    Vishal Gupta

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