i have come across a something strange which has me stratching my head. i haven't seen it before, so i'm sort of confused:

basically, i have a session variable called "start_num" which gets passsed around from page to page, but which normally is used as "$start_num" - rather than "$_SESSION['start_num']". so far so good. however, the other day i was making some changes, and i found that the number was being reset somehow. after digging around to find the culprit, i discovered that the source was a list, in DESC order, which also defined the same "$start_num". the thing that has me confused is that the session ("$_SESSION['start_num']") is not declared or reset or anything on this page, just the less portable" $start_num".

because the list is in reverse order the number is reset to a low number, but i just cannot figure out why it is being touched at all. (the number coming from the list is passed to the next page via a link where the session may or may not be reset depending on the particular conditions on that page.)

I have changed the "$start_num" name on that page, and it all works fine now. I'm just stumped as to why or how the problem arose and why I haven't seen this behavior before?