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Thread: Site Review Please - Dental Office

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    Site Review Please - Dental Office

    Dentysta Radzymin

    Please review!
    I built this site in a day for a friend using Wordpress and images she photographed herself.

    This is still a work in Progress. Presently, the site is in Polish, but will also be put into French and English.

    Wordpress was used as a CMS so that she will be able to administer it herself.

    Privacy Policy Generator

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    well its wordpress running medical blog theme thats for sure http://med.qualitywordpress.com/ , so you have installed it correctly

    I'll try and just comment on your design elements instead of reviewing the theme itself.

    on the right side you have a logo for the company right below the map.. maybe use a bigger high res version of the company logo in the header graphic?

    in the header to the right side there is that blue rounded rectangle with transparency... in the original theme they had objects infront of it as well as behind to give it the blur more depth and arguably artistic design.. you have no elements infront of the blue bar in your version, it just acts to make your header images harder to see and make out. it doesnt seem to serve a purpose at all.. maybe remove it?

    hope that made sense... i need more coffee... good luck!

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    I love the quality of the website. The images are very appealing you've also got 65 pages indexed by Google, which is also great. I did a check to see if everything was functioning correctly and it looked fine. I'd just increase the amount of content on the website.

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    I don't like main menu design (the one on the top). I think it doesn't fit the header picture. I'd suggest remove it completely, because it's duplicated on the left side.

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    Your images are too dark.

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