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Thread: Dynamic Url Routing

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    Post Dynamic Url Routing

    How can I use the following url structure:


    Where the structure is based on navigating down a hierarchy stored in a database and a user can remove a category level from the path to move back up the hierarchy.

    I want to use this structure for an eCommerce site with the following example url:


    Where removing /sony+bravia+40+inch+1080p/ would call a controller and action for listing electrical/televisions.

    Not sure whether to use MVC2 Routing, Url rewriting etc.

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    Sounds like URL rewriting would be best. It should be fairly easy to rewrite something like ...

    /nav/a/b/c/ -> /nav.aspx?location=a/b/c
    So, if you're using .NET's interface, you can either use the "User friendly URL's" wizard, or manually set up a rule with the Match URL -> Pattern [using regular expressions] like ...

    And an Action -> Rewrite -> Rewrite URL like ...

    Then have nav.aspx break the location GET variable apart on the slashes and process accordingly.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Just wondered how I can locate a specific url from non-specific data e.g. gucci/guilty/30ml-perfume-gift-set

    Do I need to include a unique id somewhere or is there something else I can do to use this non-specific data to look up the unique id.

    I would prefer to use MVC2 framework. Can I use URL rewriting with MVC2 to call a controller and an action with some parameters?

    Kind regards,

    John Askew

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