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Thread: Copy Files from one server to another using PHP

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    Hi ,
    I have hosted my web site on one server (server 1)and my media files are stored on other server (server 2). Now server 2 has sftp login system. Server2 is the media server.

    When the user enter his username on my web page on server1 , I want to list all the files from server2 on to this web page. So how can I write a script that would allow me to login to server2 which has sftp and get the list of the files.
    All files are stored in following format

    GourpID - UserId -media<computer generated random number).flv


    If we cannot do it with Php then what would be the best way to do it.

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    You could have a basic php script on Server 2 that accepts a secret key so it can list user's files.

    let's say server2/sys/app/list-files.php?secret=abc12345&user_id=123

    For additional security on Server 2 you might want to also check for the REMOTE_ADDR in list-files.php

    Another option is to setup key based login and use ssh to list users files.

    hope this gives you an idea how to proceed.

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    Maybe use PHP's FTP functions?
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