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Thread: klh6686 Jquery Plugin, Coin Slider assign custom transition?

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    Question klh6686 Jquery Plugin, Coin Slider assign custom transition?

    Hey guys, I'm using a Jquery plugin called coin slider as a slider for my website. However, I do not like the transitions that are available in this plugin as they're kinda cheesy. I was wondering how I would go about using a different jquery transition such as a simple fade? I'm kinda stuck with coin slider as this is used on a wordpress site and I don't have the time to customize any other jquery slider to work with wordpress and dynamically pull the latest articles etc.


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    you would have to rewrite the actual plugin itself by locating the parts that controls the current transition effects or find a plugin that better suits your needs.

    you could potentially get help doing the editing but youll need to provide a link to your website or to the exact coin slider script you are using as there are several of this type available

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    I wasn't sure how difficult it would be as I've worked with jquery by itself before, but not through a pluginsuch as this. The particular one I am using is found here:

    I like the simple look of the slider but like I said the transitions are terrible and I would love a simple fade to the next.

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