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Thread: How to pass a event to the function when element is created using DOM

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    How to pass a event to the function when element is created using DOM

    Hi All,

    Am creating text input element dynamically using DOM and i want to pass a event when onchange event is triggered.. Am able to assign the function to it but failing to pass the event...

    Please Help me Anybody if u know.....

    Thanks in advance

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    You want your function to be invoked when the object is created? Or do you mean when it is attached to the body?

    It wouldn't make since the first way since in order to assign any listeners (onchange, onload, onmousedown, etc) to an object it must be created already.

    If you did it this way:

    element = document.createElement('type');
    element.onload = function_to_call;
    It should call the function once it's been appended to the body. Haven't tested it to be sure, but it sounds good

    If you need to pass parameters to the function it would be done this way:

    element.onload = function {
        function_to_call(param1, param2);
    Good luck, let me know if that doesn't work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ntk418 View Post
    element.onload = function {
        function_to_call(param1, param2);
    onload only works for documents, images, and sometimes scripts.

    but your methodoglogy is close to solving the OP's problem.
    you just need to bind the onclick instead of onload:
    element = document.createElement('input');
    element.onclick = myEventHandler;
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