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Thread: Multiple parameters through GET

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    Multiple parameters through GET

    Ok I am pretty sure Javascript is the only way to do this...

    I need to pass more than one parameter from a form to a url

    For example:

    I need this output

    I would have no problem if I only needed
    <form method="get" action="http://mywebsite.com/index.php"
    <select name="price">
    <option value="10" id="1">10</option>
    The problem comes because they both need to come from a single option

    I thought of hand coding it into the option boxes like this
    select name="price_min"> 
    <option value="10&price_max=20">$10 to $20</option>
    Of course that doesn't work because of the url encode.

    So does any one know the javascript needed to achieve this?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    I would do the following:

    ... <option value='10-20'>$10 thru $20</option> ...
    Then in the handling code (I'm assuming it will be PHP, and assuming the select field's name is price in this example):

    PHP Code:

    $price $_GET['price'];
    $price explode("-"$price);
    $min_price $price[0];
    $max_price $price[1];

    OR in js:

    Add 2 hidden fields into the form, one named "min_price", the other named "max_price", and an onchange referece in the select name
    Don't forget to fill in the values for min_price and max_price (set the values to that of the first option in the select field), this could also be achieved through js with some more effort.

    <select name='price' onchange="this.form.min_price = this.value.split('-')[0]; this.form.max_price = this.value.split('-')[1];">
        <option value='10-20'>$10 through $20</option>
        <option value='21-30'>$21 through $30</option>
    <input type='hidden' name='min_price' value='10' />
    <input type='hidden' name='max_price' value='20' />
    Hope that helped.
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    The only problem with that script is that it still passes the values called price and 10-20 through.

    I need JavaScript to grab the select value then add the hidden value to submit the form, because the min and max price are the only thing thats changing they are not static.

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