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Thread: inserting records ibto multiple tables

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    Question inserting records ibto multiple tables

    I need help, i have got a form that has multiple checkboxes, option buttons and textboxes.

    I need to be able to pass their values to multiple tables in a accsess database, i dont know if i have to use a query.

    Please help.

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    Well, you can certainly use query to update the tables. for Maintaining point you should have the values first and then use query/Recordset per table to update them. My personal choice is to use insert/update query.
    Vishal Gupta

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    Originally posted by Dave Clark
    A note seems required here. Using SQL still creates a recordset object. Your reply seemed to be worded as if using a query would avoid having to create a recordset object. This is not true and I just wanted to make that clear.
    However, it is true that this is much more obvious when one is retrieving data with SQL (SELECT) -- rather than when one is just using an UPDATE or INSERT query.
    I wrote use Insert/Update query to update the tables. By this way there will be no need to use Recordset object at all. Here purpose was to update the tables, so i don't find any point in creating the recordset object with table locking and high state of cursor. Simple things should have been done by simple way. Don't you think so.?
    Vishal Gupta

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