Hello @ All!

This is my first post so far.

I wanted to present my newest project: A social bookmarking platform with a new concept.

MyFox - social bookmarking platform.


I am looking forward to design ideas, improvement ideas and bug reports.
Maybe you have a new link suggestion for the link collection.

Thx for your reply !

Greetz Christopher!

Explaination for myFox:

"MyFox is a link collection, based on the social bookmarking concept. It is the continuation of the social bookmarking plattform LearnLink, which was part of my bachelor thesis.

MyFox is different to common link collections. Have a look at this points:

* Only authorized users can add Links
* User/guests can suggest links to a common category.
* Suggested links will be activated by registrated users
* Quality instead of mass: links will be proved before activation.
* Sorting of links:
o Categories (Every link belongs to one category)
o Topics (Can be assigned to more than one link)
o Within a category, you can filter with help of topics
o No tagging!
* Links will be checked automatically for reachability by browser.
* Thumbnails of all saved web sites
* Rating function for each link
* Sorting by rating or popularity of a link (count of clicks)

For expanding and improving the link collection, new link suggestion and ratings are wanted! Have fun using myFox!"