I am attempting to use an onMouseOver event to display text.

The problem that I'm running into is that the text I want to display is being called externally from another website with javascript.

So, I have a script that displays dynamic text, which changes every day. I want to put this text into a widget and only display the text when someone mouses over a particular image associated with that bit of code.

Example: Your daily horoscope is XYZ. You pull up my widget, you mouse over Aries and your horoscope for the day shows up at the bottom. You mouse over Taurus to see what your friend's horoscope is, aries reading disappears and taurus reading shows up.

I've Google searched, but I'm not entirely sure I know the right question to ask to find the appropriate answer. I've found code to showtext, which works exactly how I want it to, but not when that text is coming from a Javascript statement already.

If you couldn't tell, I know just enough about js and php to get myself into trouble...lol.

I'm sure you'll need more info, but you'll have to tell me what info that is and I'll be glad to provide it. Thank you in advance.