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Thread: How to wrap text around a div

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    How to wrap text around a div

    I'm trying to put some quotes into blocks of text so they look a bit like magazine articles but I can't get the main text to wrap around the top of the quotes. I've considered making the quotes into images as that would be easy, but figure since it's text, it should actually be text.

    The page is here: http://www.atbauk.org/mountainboardi...r-parents.html with the quotes with a subtle pink background.

    The particluar bit of HTML is:
    <h4>What is mountainboarding?</h4>
    <p class="quote">&quot;mountainboarding can be done on just about any hill&quot;</p>
    <p>Sometimes it’s called ‘skateboarding on rough terrain’, which is kind of right. Mountainboarding is a boardsport like skateboarding but it is much easier to learn and has a much friendlier community. It gets called ‘snowboarding on wheels’, and that’s also kind of correct, but where as snowboarders need a snowy mountain or an artificial slope, mountainboarding can be done on just about any hill. There’s a reason mountainboarding also gets called ‘all terrain boarding’, and that’s because it really can be done on pretty much all terrain.</p>
    And the CSS for the quote is:
    margin:90px 6px 0 0;
    I've searched on this and other forums for the answer, tried lots of variations in the code, googled the hell out of it, but I still can't make it work. I'm sure it's something simple but it's really bugging me, and I'd really appreciate some help with it. Thanks

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    Have you tried sandbagging?
    or Google "css sandbagging" for more info
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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    That's really cool, I'll have to remember that. Thanks

    Anyway, solved it. Should be a span not a div.

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