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Thread: Php help! Also needs ajax probably!

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    Question Php help! Also needs ajax probably!

    Ok, so heres my question. I have a select dropdown that is populated from my table, category_names. I am getting the id and the name and using the id as the value. And the name as the select name.

          $query="SELECT id,name FROM category_names";
          $result = mysql_query ($query);
          echo "<strong>Pick as many that fit your business</strong><br/><br/>";
          echo"<div style='overflow:auto;height:300px;width:100%'><select>";
          // while loop
          while($nt=mysql_fetch_array($result)){//Array or records stored in $nt
          echo "<option value=NAME=$nt[id]>$nt[name]</option><br/>
    Ok so that populates my select. But now I want to hit a little "ADD" hyperlink at the bottom and another identical select dropdown to appear underneath that is also populated from my database. And each select needs to add to a different row in table. How do I achieve this?

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    If you mean when clicking the select is you want the selected item to be saved at the database you can achieve this by using a form (definitely). The select has a property of onclick, on that property call a javascript function that activates the form. Then the form calls for a procedure or mostly called action that will get the selected item and then save it on the database. =) pretty easy isn't it..

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