Hi there!

I'm a newbee here... I just wanted to ask a little help.

We just started discussing javascripting. And our teacher gave us a workshop. It is quite simple but still, i am having troubles. It is a simple payroll system. There are required inputs and it should yield outputs based on the inputs. And the inputs shall be acquired using prompt.

Here are the requirements of the Payroll System:

Input: (all shall be acquired by PROMPT)
1. Name of employee
2. No. of days worked
3. Rate per day

Output: (shall be displayed by DOCUMENT.WRITE)
1. Name of employee
2. Rate per day
3. No. of days worked
4. Gross pay (= Rate per day * No. of days worked)
5. Deductions (10% of gross pay)
6. Net pay (= Gross pay - Deductions)

Another requirement is to do the scripting externally (saving it as filename.js)

I have gone through with the first few parts but i couldn't do with the Deductions and Net pay. I coded the Deductions and Net pay calculations as if i was using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. After successfully making the first four required outputs, I proceeded with making the codes for the Deductions. When I tested it all the required outputs were displayed except the Deductions output. When I made made the codes for the Net pay I tried to refresh the page to test if it would work, but this time nothing prompted. Nothing completely appeared. No prompt box. All there was was a blank white page.

Below is the entire javascript i did.

//var name= prompt("Enter employee name: ", ' ');
//alert("Enter employee name: ");
name= prompt("Enter employee name: ");
nDays= prompt("Enter no. of days worked: ");
rate= prompt("Enter rate per day: ");

document.write("Name of employee: " +name);
document.write("<br>Rate per day: " +rate);
document.write("<br>No. of days worked: " +nDays);
document.write("<br>Gross pay: " +rate*nDays);
document.write("<br>Deductions: " + (rate*nDays*0.1));
document.write("<br>Net Pay: " + (rate*nDays - (rate*nDays*0.1));

I'm pretty sure it needs a lot of corrections. What errors should i correct? and What should I use with the Deductions and Net Pay requirements? And any suggestions, please? Please help me with this simple problem which i couldn't make right. Please, and thank you in advance!