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    Talking Relative links question

    I found this example on this site http://bit.ly/zXAkj

    But it's not complete...

    The example:

    Relative Path URLs

    Relative paths change depending upon what page the links are located on. There are several rules to creating a link using the relative path:

    * links in the same directory as the page have no path information listed
    * sub-directories are listed without any preceding slashes
    * links up one directory are listed as


    I want to do the next:

    lets say i have a folder named "boom" in that folder i have two more folders "fol1" and "fol2"

    I want to create a pass from a file in "fol1" to the file in "fol2"

    How do i write that pass?

    i've tried "fol2/file.zip" and "boom/fol2/file.zip" both didn't work.


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    To use a relative link, you'd use: "../fol2/file.zip"


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    Worked like magic! Thanks.

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