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Thread: horizontal dropdown menu help

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    horizontal dropdown menu help

    I am working on this dropdown menu. I would like each of the vertical columns to be a different colour and then the dropdowns to be a shade of that colour. I have managed to get the first column to work correctly, however now the top row of each of the columns takes on the colour of the first column when you roll over it. Any ideas how to change this?
    The first colum is an example of how it should behave.
    I would also like to make the menu bar fill the width of the page.
    Any suggestions anyone?
    Many thanks

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    Ok, so I know it has to do with line 308 which is telling all my li hovers to be red. The problem is is that if I change that, the top row hover colour starts coming from line222. removing line 222 doesnt make any difference.
    if anyone can give me any pointers I'd be really grateful - I have got myself in a tangle with this one!
    Thanks for reading.

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