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Thread: cell width not staying

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    cell width not staying

    The comments part of my html form is echo to a table on a php page. The cell width is set to a certain width. But the type once it comes into the cell from the form doesnt wrap so its one continuous line, instead of breaking and the end of the cell and going to the next line how do I do this.

    Here is the code for that cell:
    HTML Code:
    <td colspan="2" style="border: .05em solid #000" width="256"><span style="border-color:#000 border-collapse:collapse; font-size: 13px; width:60%; WORD-BREAK:BREAK-ALL;"><?php echo $_SESSION['comments'];?></span></td>

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    Have you tried to define the 256 as px? Sounds dumb, I know, but it could work. I know I normally type the units in when I adjust sizes.

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