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Thread: positioning with javascript and allwebmenus

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    positioning with javascript and allwebmenus

    I inherited some code that was generated with the program AllWebMenus, and I'd like to simply reposition the menu on the page without having to use the program.

    Here's the link if you want to see the problem live:


    The javascript simply references an ID tag later in the HTML to place the menu (the purple bar under the banner), but that's not happening here, and I can't figure out why.

    The program generates a ton of code, so instead of posting it all here I'm crossing my fingers that someone is familiar with the program and has tried to manually move the resulting menu.

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    I used to use allwebmenus a few years ago but found that it was extremely difficult to make any changes without using their wysiwyg program. The javascript the program generates is very voluminous and compressed (or whatever) so that each js file essentially appears to have 1 very looooooooooooong string of js code without any line breaks. I think you'll find it a lot easier if you use their program or start from scratch and replicate the menu using your own js and/or css.

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